Spanish-Russian dancer and choreographer Vitali Safronkine began his dance training at the "The Rudolf Nureyev Ballet School", and at the age of fifteen he left his native country to train at the "Swiss Professional Ballet School"(SBBS) in Zürich.


Mr. Safronkine, a recipient a scholarship achieved a finalist position in the renowned "Prix de Lausanne" in 2002. That same year he won the "International Kiev Ballet Competition" in Ukraine.


His professional career launched in 2002 with "Heinz Spoerli,s Zürich Ballet" where he reached the rank of "Soloist". Eager to evolve and increase his neoclassical and modern repertoire, Mr. Safronkine joined "The Richard Wherlock's Ballet Basel" in 2011. In 2012 he continued his career at "Bejart Ballet Lausanne" where he expanded his repertory with various challenging roles.


After gaining a vast amount of experience improvising in different ballets with world known choreographers, Mr. Safronkine discovered his passion for creating original and innovative works. He developed his personal style by combining his dance career experiences with Influences of abstract art, and keeping his classical training and experimenting with lines. Furthermore, Vitali dares to go against the grain by creating narrative shapes releasing energy and fluidity and combining it with strong body control.


In a period of four years, Vitali has produced over 15 original excerpts and full-length ballets that have been and continue to be performed by several ballet companies and schools in Europe.


Mr. Safronkine's first professional excerpts, "Solo for two" and "Light in the Shadow", were presented in 2008 at the “Gala of Aukeran Company“. Vitali had the opportunity to share a new work, "Fratres" in the Young Choreographer's evening of "DanceLab 3" for the "Ballet Basel Company" which had its world premiere in May 2011. In that same year he choreographed two new works "La Silhouette" and "Summa" for the “Covent Garden Dance Company Gala" in England. After a great success he was invited for three consecutive years to present additional choreographies. In March 2012 Mr. Safronkine created “Out of Line“, a Solo piece for “English National Company“ dancer Ksenia Ovsyanick's appearance in the “Emerging Dancer Competition“. In May 2012, two of Vitali's choreographies “Light in the Shadow“ and “Broken Strings“ was performed by “Ballet School Theater Basel“. In June 2012 he created a new piece titled “Sonata“ for the "Ballet Dance Academy" in Basel.


He then ventures to work with the traditional Basque "Haatik Dance Company“ to create a full-length ballet titled: “Lágrimas que caen” (Falling tears) which premiered in August 2013 in San Sebastian, Spain.


In July 2014, Mr. Safronkine was invited by Gil Roman, artistic director of the Bèjart Ballet Lausanne, to create the full-length ballet "Reflejos" to the captivating music of Phillip Glass.


Nominee of the 2013 "A New Name to Watch" by the Dance Europe Magazine, as a dancer and choreographer.


In 2015, Mr. Safronkine created a full-length ballet for Dantzaz Conpania, titled "Silent Pulse“, and in the same year Vitali was invited by the Museum of Cristóbal Balenciaga to create a new piece for the museum visits open to the general public.


In 2016, Vitali was invited by Marco Batti, artistic director of Balletto di Siena, to create a full-length ballet titled:"Moving Resonance"


In 2016 Finalist of the Emergent Choreographic Competition in Biarritz, France organized by the Malandain Ballet and Ballet de l'Opéra National de Bordeaux National.


In the same year, Mr. Safronkine was commissioned to create a short-piece  titled “Reminiscence“ in Hatch House with the Covent Garden Dance Company in England. 




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