Copyright: Mauro Batti
Copyright: Mauro Batti

Copyright: Mauro Batti


"Moving Resonance"

Choreography: Vitali Safronkine

Music: Max Richter, David Lang, Hildur Guõnadóttir, Ólafur Arnalds.

Light Design: Claudia Tabbi


World Premiere: 4th  June, 2016 Balletto di Siena


A timeless neo-classical choreography where bodies are immersed in their own rhythms creating vital connections with the music.

An emotional reaction is what creates resonance in a world where a single being cannot fully come to life without others evoking movements and emotions through it’s exciting energy.


Resonance can only exist when something in us corresponds in harmony with someone else or something else. Our inner nature is defined by what surrounds us.